Proper Execution of a Roundhouse Kick

How to do a Roundhouse Kick.

Everyone by now has read at least a few of the "Chuck Norris Facts" involving his God like martial arts abilities; quite a few of these yarns include the roundhouse kick, a favorite move Mr. Norris made famous winning karate tournaments with and in Walker Texas Ranger.  With practice and diligent form from reading my instructions, you shall achieve a satisfactory Roundhouse Kick on a level Chuck Norris would be proud of.


1.  It is always good to warm up before any exercise, especially one that is as high intense as this.  Jog 1/4 mile or jump rope for 2 minutes.

2.  Face the target, which should be a heavy bag, or a partner holding large, thick focus pads, such as Muay Thai pads.  We will pretend you are kicking with your left foot to start.

3.  Stand with your right leg forward, left leg back, cocked and ready, standing loosely with knees slightly bent and bouncing very lightly with your weight even on both feet, hands in a boxing position as counterbalance.

4.  Generate energy for the kick by slightly twisting your hip away from the target, and at the same time shift your weight slightly back; when you have almost reached the stretching threshold for your twist and are coiled and ready to unleash everything, twist your hips in unison with your kick as you launch it towards the side of the target.  A few things to remember as you kick:

-Make everything as one, as much as possible; meaning your hips, leg, and plant/pivot foot should all be rotating at the same time and speed when you move and when you make contact with your target.  This takes practice, but is very important for maximum power.

-Your right foot which is your plant/pivot should be turned at a 90 degree angle East at the completion of the kick if the target is facing North.

-Make sure to exhale as you execute the kick-as with any strike, air is power; don't hold it back.

-Visualize your target is actually about two inches farther away then it is, and then will help you to kick through the target.  Otherwise your just slapping at the target with your foot like a nancy, an ineffective tactic used only in Jean Claude Van Damme movies.

5.  As you make contact with the target, besides doing everything aforementioned, rotate your foot and ankle clockwise slightly right at the moment of contact and this will disperse the kick so you don't put all the pressure on one area or bone.

6.  There are varying opinions on what part of the leg should be used to strike the bag with the majority thinking the shin is the best part of the body.  That is probably true-if you have conditioned your shin to take that kind of punishment. However most of us our not Thai boxers and don't spend hours conditioning our shins to kick anything anywhere near full force without having our shinbone snap like a twig.  So I tend to go towards the school of thought that you should make contact with the bottom of the shin and the upper half of the foot with the rotation.  I am partial as it has always worked for me quite well, and I believe a natural conditioning process occurs with this method, because as your kick speed increases gradually, the shins and feet will get gradually get conditioned at a similar rate that is not shocking to the body.

7.  Do at least 10 each side and commend yourself on the perfect Roundhouse Kick if you have followed my instructions properly.

8.  Remember be a grasshopper in your movement-not a clodhopper.  I would say good luck, but luck's got nothing to do with this.


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