What is MMA? What Are The Basics Of This Sport And Its Rules?

What is MMA, What are the rules for this sport? and its basics.

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. As the name explains it, MMA consist of Mixed Martial Arts, there are alot of Marital arts that Fighters can add to their game, but the most usual and common are:

MuayThai: A mix of Boxing, Muay Boran and Kick Boxing, this Martial art comes from Thailand fighters are allowed to throw punches, elbows, knees and kicks the their opponents, hitting on the ground is not allowed

Jiujitsu (Brazilian): Jiu Jitsu its an Ancient Japanese martial art, that encompasses throwing, joint locks, striking, and weapons training. it consists of grappling with your opponent in order to get a submission. The Japanese Judo master Esai Maeda tought Carlos Gracie this ancient martial art, later he opened a Jiu Jitsu Academy on Brazil, Brazilians added a few more techniques to the original jiujitsu and the result was a very complex martial art, thats why there are 2 kinds of Jiujitsu: Japanese and Brazilian.

Judo: Judo consists of using your opponents strength in order to take him down, Throws are the basics of this Japanese Martial Art, punches are not allowed.

Kickboxing: Combines boxing punches and martial arts kicks

Box: A fight technique usually using padded leather gloves, Boxers use foot combinations in order to throw punches.

Wrestling (Greco-Roman): Possibly the worlds oldest sport. Contestants struggle hand to hand attempting to throw or take down their opponent without striking blows

There are only a few rules when it comes to MMA, altho there might be changes between Companies and where  someone is Fighting.

The UFC is the biggest MMA company in the United States at the moment, there rules are simple:

*You cannot Bite your opponent.

*There must not be any Eye gouging of any kind.

*You cannot pull your opponents Hair.

*There must not be any Striking to the Spine or the back of the head.

*You cannot Kick the head of a grounded opponent.

*It is not allowed to Knee the head of a grounded opponent.

*It is not allowed to hold the Ropes or the Fence.

*It is not allowed To use abusive language in the ring or fenced area.

*No hits to the Testicles.

There are a few other Rules but these are the most important, not following these rules can get a fighter to disqualification.


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