What is Krav Maga? - Basics and Origins

What is Krav Maga? self defense highly effective system used by israeli police, army and defense teams.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the official and highly effective (Close Combat) system of fighting and self defense used by the Israeli security defenses, Israeli Police and army.

Krav Maga consist of: Prevention, avoidance, escape and evasion of any kind of attack or aggression, Krav Maga teaches to defend yourself in situations that you are unfamiliar with and in that limit movement,Krav Maga is not a sport it teaches how to get out alive in a real fight or real and immediate risk situation, using any means available and all sorts of common objects for defensive purposes.

Hand-to-hand combat is a generic term often referring to weaponless fighting conducted from a military based point of view.

Concept: Krav Maga context or basics consist of three simple points;

  • Dealing with the immediate menace/aggressor.
  • Prevent the aggressor from attacking again.
  • Neutralize the targeted aggressor.

Krav Maga was developed in Israel by Imi Lichtenfeld(Imi Litchtenfeld had previous Boxing and Wrestling knowleadge) in the mid 90’s (1940), his whole family was murdered during the World War II by the Nazis, later Imi Litchenfeld at organized the Jew resistance against the Nazis at a very young age, later he joined the British army and continued fighting the Germans, later when the war was over he returned to Israel and began to teach the recent Israeli self-defense techniques, developed for the military, as well as techniques to use knives and sticks.

This hand to hand type of combat has diffused all over the world nowadays because of its highly effective techniques of self defense and brutal counter attacks.

Krav Maga incorporates a wide range of techniques used in many other types of Martial Arts, Krav Maga incorporates defenses against a wide and varied range of aggressive acts like: kicking, strangulation, disarming an armed opponent, defense against knifes and sticks.

Krav Maga is used mainly for Military purposes, but nowadays a lot of people have adopted this type of Combat for Self Defense Purposes, therefore It has been refined for both civilian and military applications.

Krav Maga is a system designed and developed for practical application in actual risk situations.Krav Maga does not have a sport or competitive aspect, it is NOT a sport, its effectiveness can not be tested on a mat or a quadrilateral, but only in actual combat and real risk situations, it is important to mention that Krav Maga is highly effective and many times deadly.


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